Woven by hand with heart

At Memah, we believe in functionality that doesn’t sacrifice sophistication.

Every bag is hand-dyed, hand-woven and hand-stitched, combining the heritage of traditional Mexican craftsmanship with vibrant colour and contemporary, sensible design.

So, whether it’s for your essentials or your laptop, whether it’s draped over your baby’s stroller or resting on a boardroom table, you can be sure that your Memah bag is a bold, uncluttered statement of elegance.

Expertly crafted on the verandahs of some of Mexico’s oldest artisan family homes, these pieces help preserve the skill and knowledge of makers which have been all but lost to the world of mass production and automation.

Our commitment to handcraft means that no two Memah bags are exactly the same.

Each piece is a carefully constructed artwork that possesses both beauty and integrity.

Each piece is a labour of love.