At Memah we have lived in the Oaxacan homes (or Casas Oaxacanas) of our makers. We have worked alongside each artisan in order to fully understand, admire and respect the craft and detail that goes into each piece.

Every Memah product is handmade by our talented artists using time-honoured skills that trace back to the rich and ancient Zapotec culture. Each bag is a labour of love and takes over four days to make.

First the wool has to be washed and then dyed to the rich tones that are characteristic of Memah. The wool is left to dry in the sun before being washed again. Colour is matched by eye, with the dye mixed over an open fire in small batches. Occasionally the wool is dyed twice for the desired vibrancy.
The traditional spinning wheel is used to make the wool shuttles and the bi-peddle treadle looms are prepared. Each loom is adjusted for the exact size of the tapete rug which becomes your bag. Each large loom is solely dedicated to making one bag at a time.
The bag is sewn into the perfect shape – each one closely measured and adjusted by our sewer, before the distinguishing Memah gold button is added.
The robust yet soft, luxurious leather straps and handles are the last part to be stitched. These are all made in a nearby village by one man, Jose, who has been working with leather since he was a young boy. Jose and his team of apprentices work from the exquisite workshop Jose has created in his home.

Every Memah product brings the traditional craft from these two small villages to the world and empowers the makers in their own enterprise.  Whilst the techniques used are traditional our artisans enjoy experimenting with modern and different colour tones and designs to bring you something unique.

We are so proud of the talents behind our products – the makers who weave by hand with heart. It is these faces that give each piece its individual charm.







Maria Elena